Goal: $500



I joined the U.S. Army on Feb 13, 2001 on the Delayed Entry Program. I reported to basic training a year later in Fort Knox, Ky. My military occupational specialty was a 19D, Cavalry Scout. After four months of continuous training, I started my career at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs during the summer of 2002. After a few short months, our unit, the 3rd Armor Cavalry Regiment, received its orders to go to Iraq (Fallujah) to fight the insurgency. I was a PCF with about eight months of training before deploying overseas. After 14 months, I returned home having to decide if I want to reenlist from my original three-year contract. I was promoted during my deployment to specialist and was sent to E-5 Sergeant Leadership Course upon returning stateside to become a sergeant. Our unit ended up receiving future deployment orders to return to Iraq and a Stop-Law Order was in effect—meaning one can ETS (Expiration of Term of Service) due to the war. In early 2005, I was sent over again as a senior gunner on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle with a scout platoon. We operated out of a northern city called Tal Afar, Iraq. Around my third month there, I was injured in combat operations, sending me to the nearest medical hospital in the area. Nine hours of life saving surgery, and I was transported to Germany and eventually to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for one year. In 2007, I took a medical retirement from the Army.

Why am I doing this?

Golfing has provided me with a way to continue my passion playing sports after my injury during my deployment to Iraq in 2005. I believe that the awareness Holes for Hope brings is honorable and a great mission.

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