Donate Face Masks or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

You can help make good happen by donating masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to support those on the front lines.

Please, if you have one mask or a hundred and one masks – help us help those who need it most. You can make good happen by donating packaged protective face wear like N95 masks, PAPR hoods and procedure masks. We are also accepting hand-sewn masks.


Hand-sewn masks:
The hand-sewn masks will conserve PPE by giving healthcare workers an option to give to patients, visitors and families instead of using their commercial PPE supplies. They may also be worn by non-clinical health care staff (like Pharmacy or Environmental Services staff). Healthcare staff interacting with patients will wear approved PPE.
Click here for patterns  and instructions for hand-sewn masks.


All donations will be dropped off at healthcare facilities in need.


Masks or PPE can be sent to or dropped off at:

Minnesota PGA

12800 Bunker Prairie Rd.

Coon Rapids, MN 55448

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