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I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1999 and served six years with two deployments to Iraq. Upon my return home from Military service, I dedicated my professional life to serving veterans, their families and caregivers. I began my career by assuming a role as a claims representative with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs where I became aware of the desperate need for strong advocacy in the veteran landscape of benefit delivery.

I also served as Redwood County’s veteran service officer for nearly 10 years and as the Vice President of the National Association of County Veteran Service Officers.

Goal: $500

Why am I doing this?:

I believe in PGA HOPE's mission to continue to grow the game through recovery. Golf has no question been an integral part of my personal recovery. I will continue to do anything I can to help organizations assist veterans as they venture into the world of golf.

June 19, 2024 | The Loop at Chaska 

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