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I started my military career as active duty in the Air Force. During that time I spent a year and a half on the Air Force Golf Team. We’d play against the Army and the Navy. I took a four year break from the service and joined the Iowa National Guard in 2008, before leaving to join the Minnesota National Guard in 2009. From 2009-2013 I worked as a Federal Technician with the National Guard, and in 2013, I joined the Active Guard Reserve, working with 1-1-25 Field Artillery. I did that up until recently, and am now serving as a readiness (NCO) non-commissioned officer.

Why am I doing this?:

I played golf in college at North Iowa Area Community College. Later I became a member of the Iowa PGA. Golf is enjoyable to me, and my dream would be to make a living with it. I jumped at this opportunity. I like helping out and being able to raise awareness. Helping out the VA is a huge deal to me. Helping the VA and golfing goes along with my decision to serve. Currently I live in Montevideo. I also enjoy spending time golfing with my 16-year-old daughter.

July 26, 2024 | The Loop at Chaska 

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